The End of Sitekick

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In 2015, during a rebranding of, Sitekick, as well as YTV's message boards were taken offline forever.  There was no warning of this event happening at the time, but users who reached out to [email protected] did receive a response.

YTV's Response[edit | edit source]


[email protected]

"We at loved and miss Sitekick dearly.  It was decided during the relaunch of the new site last August that we wouldn't carry over Sitekick due to a couple of reasons.  One main issue was that Sitekick was developed using Flash and we needed to build a website that was entirely responsive in design and technology.  This meant that we would have to rebuild EVERY chip, the dock, the dump - EVERYTHING!  We risked having our user accounts getting broken.

Also, we felt the audience for Sitekick was dwindling and so we made the difficult decision to close the message boards and Sitekick.

There are definitely plans to create a new game-based activity in the future on  There are lots of exciting things being worked on all the time over here.

If you'd like to share your thoughts or favourite moments from Sitekick then please do.  We may create some Sitekick reflection blogs in the near future on