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The SiteKick is a robot and fictional character from It was known for its ability to be customized using Chips.

MK II, the current version of SiteKick.

In the original lore, the SiteKick was invented by Dr.Frantic during The SiteKick Saga.

The user can use their SiteKick as their avatars during the Forums, as long as they have the Camera Chip.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

The SiteKick is typically round and yellow in colour, with a pair of shiny purple eyes. Its body seems to be composed of at least five pieces of metal or plastic. Its core is a black, bubbly liquid, also known as the Ooze.

It also possesses an antennae with a round ball on the top. When the ball gets clicked, the antennae retracts before the SiteKick bursts its shell open to reveal its core. The core then reveals the Chips that were in the SiteKick. If the user clicks on one the Chips, and that Chip happens to be a Transformation Chip, it will trigger the transformation.

Versions[edit | edit source]

MK I[edit | edit source]

The first version of the SiteKick.

MK II[edit | edit source]

The current version.

Zombkick[edit | edit source]

Appears in the game CYBER SAF-E-DRILLS 8.0: FRANTIC ROAD as enemies.